Sharing Dashboards

Castor allows you to share dashboards using a unique link for each dashboard. People with this sharing link have a read-only access to a dashboard: they can view it, but not edit it.

Dashboard Sharing is a Pro feature, and is available only for Castor Pro users.

Before getting a sharing link, you need to enable Public Dashboards, in the Dashboard Security section of the menu.

When editing a dashboard, click on the menu icon at the top right corner of the screen. Open the Dashboard Security section, check Make Dashboards Public and save.


Back to the Dashboard you want to share, click on the Link icon next to the navigation arrows. You can then copy the public link of your Dashboard.

Integrate the Dashboard in a webpage

Once you Make Dashboards Public, you can easily integrate it on a webpage using an iframe element.

Just copy the url of the Dashboard you want to share and add an iframe displaying it on the webpage you want.

<iframe src="!/view/dashboard/link"></iframe>

Replace!/view/dashboard/link with your existing dashboard link.