Getting started with Castor

In this section, you’ll find everything you need to get started with Castor in no time! Remember we’re always here to help – just drop us an email at


Create an account

To create an account, you will need either a Facebook account, a Google account or an email address and a password.

To sign up, click on the Facebook or the Google icon or write your email address and your password in the appropriate fields and click on the Sign up button.

Reset your password

You don't remeber your password? It's okay click on Lost password? at the bottom of the form. Enter your email address in the Email field and click on the Recover password button. Check your inbox, we'll send you an email recovery link!

Log out

If you want to log out, simply click on the Menu (square) icon on the top right corner of your dashboard in Editing mode and select Log out.

TV and Editing Modes

You can customize and edit your dashboard while on the Editing Mode, and display your dashboard on a screen using the TV Mode.

  • When in Editing Mode, click on the green TV MODE button at the top left corner of the screen to exit Editing mode and switch to TV Mode.

  • If you want to edit your dashboard while in TV Mode, click on the tiny Edit icon on the top right corner of the screen as shown on the Screenshot.

Editing Mode icon

Editing Mode

Edit your dashboard

At first, your dashboard is totally empty. You can add whatever content you want using the Widgets offered. Simply click on a Widget icon, fill in the required information and save the changes. You can resize the widgets as you want, using their bottom right borders. You can also move them by dragging them wherever you want on the dashboard.

Add or remove lines and columns of your dashboard by clicking on the + and - buttons on the bottom right corner of the Edit window.

Add a dashboard (PRO)

If you suscribed to a Castor Pro plan, you can have unlimited dashboards. You can navigate between your dashboards using arrows situated at the top of the screen.

To add a dashboard, simply click on the right arrow when you're on the last available dashboard – it'll be instantly created

Delete a dashboard (PRO)

You can only delete one of your dashboards all the widgets on that dashboard are deleted.

Once your dashboard is empty, a Trash icon will appear next to the numbered dashboards. Click on the Trash icon to delete the dashboard.

You cannot remove a dashboard if it's your last dashboard.

TV Mode

The TV Mode displays your dashboard on your screen. You can set your browser to Full Screen mode and zoom in or out to fit your dashboard to your screen.

Dashboards transition (PRO)

If you have several dashboards, you can make them appear one after the other, just like in a Slideshow.

In Editing Mode, click on the Menu icon, on the top right corner. Select Playback settings and enable dashboard transitions.

You can also choose the transition frequency using the Frequency drop down. Do not forget to Save your changes before leaving the window.


Add, Edit and Remove a Widget

To add a Widget, click on the its icon in the menu bar fill in the required fields. If you are satisified, click Save.

To edit a widget, click the Edit button next to the widget title.

To remove a widget, click the Edit button next to the widget title and select Remove.

Widget types


The clock widget displays an analog or digital clock in the desired timezone.

Add a clock widget on your dashboard using the orange Clock icon in the menu bar.

Enter a name (ie. Montreal), choose between an analog or a digital display and select the appropriate time zone.


The calendar widget allows you to display multiple calendars on your dashboard.

Add a calendar widget on your dashboard using the red Calendar icon in the menu bar.

To display a calendar, provide its ICS link in the URL field. You can change the color of your events by choosing between the colours provided. Add another calendar by pressing +.

Good to know: ICS file is sometimes called ICAL file, depending on your Calendar Program. If you use Google Calendar, you’ll need the private ICAL URL of your Calendar File. Learn how to get that URL on the Google Support Pages.


Using this widget, you can display a countdown to a specific date on your dashboard.

Add a countdown widget on your dashboard using the white countdown icon in the menu bar.

Enter a title and pick a date and a time by editing the appropriate field.


The weather widget always adds a fun and nice touch to any dashboard.

Add a weather widget on your dashboard using the pink weather icon in the menu bar.

Click on the Weather icon, enter the location name and its geographic coordinates. You can use the built in geolocation module to find your geographic coordinates.

Don't forget to set the right temperature unit - Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Custom Table

See Custom Table section in Data Sources.

Custom Frame

The custom frame widget allows you to display any web page on your Castor dashboard. It's really useful if you want to create and host your own widgets!

Add a custom frame widget on your dashboard using the blue "link" icon in the menu bar.

You will need an https address to enter in the widget settings, as most modern web browsers will disable frames linking to a non-secure page from a secure page.

Custom Text

The custom text widget will display... a custom text! Use it to display dashboard titles, or information like visitors/users count, etc.

Add a custom text widget on your dashboard using the green document icon in the menu bar.

Please note that text will auto-resize based on its length to fit the widget.

Custom Chart

See Custom Chart section in Data Sources.


The RSS widget allows you to display multiple RSS or Atom feeds by aggregating them into one list.

Add an RSS widget on your dashboard using the red RSS icon in the menu bar.

Enter your feeds addresses, and select a matching colors: article titles from a feed will be displayed with the matching color to help you identify articles sources.